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A vegan traditional Japanese sauce designed to liven up any dish.

    • A rich sweet and savoury taste bringing out the umami in your dishes
    • Can be used as a dressing, in stir fries or as a dip
    • Vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and made from just 5 ingredients

Nojo London: Japanese Sauces

Made by Simona in the Cotswolds

"Founded by Simona, her vision for Nojo was to create a healthy food business that would cater for people living fast paced lives but with a desire to eat properly nutritious and healthy food. As a huge food enthusiast and a working mum,she was particularly mindful of offering dishes with real nutritional value, free from processed ingredients and other nasties like colouring and flavouring, as well as also something quick and convenient. As she puts it – “slow food, for fast lives.”Our sauces are made to our specification outside of London and we are very transparent about what goes in each bottle. Every sauce is prepared according to a traditional Japanese recipe using the finest quality ingredients."