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Southpaw Wine Club

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This is a little something we've been cooking up behind the scenes.

We always love it when people recommend good wine, and can also tell us why they love it!

So we thought we'd offer this club as a way of keeping everyone in the loop. You will receive a selection of SIX bottles of deliciously natural, often organic, always biodynamic, intriguing wines that you won't find many other places.

We take great care to curate your box based on the fun prompts given at checkout.

We will also give you the opportunity to feed back, so that we can constantly be updating our selection process and deliver the good people of Barnsbury what they need!

You will also get first dibs on regular wine tasting events as they come up!

WAIT! We haven't even told you the best bit; you'll be recieving at least a massive 15% discount!