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This dry-cured Heritage-Breed Beef Silverside is named for the feast of St Martin’s, the patron saint of the harvest, where British farmers would celebrate the end of the harvest and the preparation of goods for winter.

Traditionally, the dishes were heavily spiced with cinnamon and mace, and a whole cow would be butchered and salted for use throughout the colder months of the year. Crown & Queue follows that recipe fairly closely, but since St Martin is also the patron saint of Vintners and Innkeepers, they tipped a few bottles of a seasonal fruit Sour from Kernel Brewery into the mix as well.

Sliced Pack of 150g.

Contains GLUTEN from the beer. Depending on the time of year, the added saison is either Damson or Sour Cherry.

Does not contain PORK of any kind - however it is processed in a facility that deals with both.


Made by Crowne and Queue

Photo by RJA Photography