We have teamed up with Tutto Wines and we couldn't be happier. 

Tutto was started in the spring of 2012, and since the beginning, they have chosen to work with artisans who farm without using any chemicals in the vines and resist the urge to manipulate the wines in the cellar. Winemakers whose wines reflect the vineyard’s climate, soil and terrain, speaking of both a time and place. And this is why Southpaw are thrilled to be working with such a conscientious supplier.

The goal at Tutto has always been to remove the distance between the growers and the people who drink their wines. And that is why you will find the stories of all the growers and producers alongside each item you browse here at Southpaw. We want to keep that transparency. We have carefully selected this first season of wine to take you into the Winter months, and we will continue to talk to the guys at Tutto and bring you more variety as our relationship grows.